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Recommendation Contest Details

We hope you’ll naturally want to recommend the Bargain Book Mole to your friends, family, and the internet community, but we’re also happy to show our appreciation for you spreading the word by holding drawings to reward those recommendations. Here’s how it works: recommend us on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or in the comments on blogs, book reviews, forums, e-mails etc. Then send us a link or some other indication you’ve done this. Every instance of recommendation becomes an entry into the drawing, which has a grand prize of $300 of books (retail value) from the book distributor Echo Point Books & Media or a $150 gift certificate to the bookseller of your choice or a donation to the nonprofit of your choice. Drawings will take place either once a month or once every thousand entries received.

Send your recommendations to: recommend@bargainbookmole.org

Our Best Price Guarantee

Rules For Bargain Book Mole (BBM)
Lowest Price Guarantee In the Highly Unlikely Event We Did Not Find You the Lowest Book Price Online


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